Lithium Batteries - Baintech
Lithium Batteries - Baintech
Lithium Batteries - Baintech
Lithium Batteries - Baintech
Lithium Batteries - Baintech
Lithium Batteries - Baintech
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Lithium Batteries, Chargers and Sockets - Baintech

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Lithium Batteries

Baintech offers a range of lithium deep cycle battery sizes including  110Ah, 150Ah, in a variety of styles, including slimline, compact, portable and more to suit cars, caravans, marine, & dual battery systems applications. 

Baintech deep cycle Lithium Batteries are constructed using advanced lithium iron phosphate cells unlike cheaper competitor batteries which use inferior cylindrical cells in their batteries.


40Amp DC-DC 3-STAGE BATTERY CHARGER FOR: Flooded cell, Lithium and AGM/GEL

Features Include:
• 3-stage 12V booster battery charger
• Output Current : 80A Max with optional kit. 40A max standard wiring
• Selectable output voltages for Lithium, Sealed Lead Acid or Vented Lead Acid
• Over Current and Temperature protections for extra product reliability
• High Efficiency : Typical >96%
• Precise under voltage protection : No need for external isolator
• Remote LED indication for battery charge status
• Very low standby current: <3mA
• Optional Start Assist and boost charge features


Baintech Surface Mount Double Merit Socket Features:

  • Double Merit Socket
  • Black Surface Mount
  • C/W PVC housing
  • Designed for heavy duty use

Baintech’s Socket range is one of Australia’s largest range of sockets.

  • Durable– sockets you can trust not to break
  • Robust – strong end plate design and UV stabilised PVC housing
  • Safe – sockets that prevent shorting and fires
  • Improved – new terminal designed to avoid short circuits
  • Diverse– large range of sockets for your power needs
  • Quality – with tinned copper inserts
  • Innovative – allowing you to charge your modern devices easily on the go