Custom Offroad

Extend The Life Of Your 4WD Vehicle With High-Quality Underbody Bash Plates...

4WD Underbody Protection or “Bash Plates” are an essential part of every 4×4 set up for offroad adventures. They are designed to protect the underside of your vehicle from any objects that could cause damage.

Whilst most factory protection is sufficient for protecting your vehicle from stone damage, a more robust solution is required to increase protection from rocks, stumps and ruts encountered in more challenging terrains.

Custom Offroad Accessories 4WD bash plates are a minimum of 3mm thick stainless steel. These plates are designed to take hit after hit so your vehicle will make it through its 4×4 adventure. They protect the vital components without compromising performance and durability while looking good at the same time. They don’t rust, are lightweight and look great!