Beaudesert Exhaust

An exhaust system is only as good as its weakest link, so why settle for sub-par bending?

As the largest stockist and supplier of mandrel bends in Australia, Beaudesert Exhaust takes pride in their extensive range of products. Their advanced mandrel tube bending machines effortlessly handle tube diameters ranging from 1 ¼'' to 5'', offering flexibility in various degrees of bending. In addition to mandrel bends, they also specialise in manufacturing customised roll bars and headboards.

Conventional exhaust bending methods often lead to issues that can negatively impact your vehicle. Collapsing or crimping of tubes during the bending process can compromise performance. However, with the mandrel bending technique, Beaudesert Exhaust ensures that the size and diameter of your pipes are increased smoothly and efficiently, resulting in optimal exhaust system performance.