ARB Under Vehicle Protection

ARB’s under vehicle protection systems are specifically designed for each vehicle and engineered to provide a shield  for vulnerable under body components such as steering, sump, transmission and transfer case. Adding under vehicle protection adds a more robust layer of defence between the ground and your vehicles senstive underbody components.  When travelling off road and in more challenging terrain, your vehicles underbody components are susceptible to damage from rocks, stumps and ruts.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured from laser cut, pressed and folded 3mm steel for superior strength
  • Under vehicle protection panels are up to 56% stronger than folded steel alone, providing an optimal strength to weight ratio
  • Vehicle specific design to complement individual vehicles and maximise functionality
  • All steel components are protected with zinc plating and finished in a hard-wearing silver textured powder coat
  • Compatible with all ARB products, eliminating the need for accessory removal or modification
  • Recessed mounting bolts are protected and easy to remove for vehicle servicing