We Install It So That You Don't Have To

At Allen's 4x4 Accessories, we install everything we sell so that you don't have to. Suspension, Exhaust, Mechanical, Electrical - our team have the expertise and equipment to ensure the job is done right the first time.

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Allen's 4x4 Accessories is a full-service operation. Not only do we install everything we sell - we offer a complete front-to-back service to our customers. From the "dreaming" and planning stages right through to installation and after-sales support, our friendly expert staff are here to go the extra mile for you. We can even help you out with new custom graphics for your most prized possession!

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  • Fuel Filters +

    When you're adventuring miles from nowhere you cannot rely on the quality of available fuel sources - and think for a moment of all the times you have been in a position to take on a little water. An additional fuel filter is travel insurance for 4WD'ers.

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  • Power Modules +

    Steinbauer is widely regarded as the best performance module for electronic diesel engines available today. Achieve 20% more power and 20% more torque WITHOUT tweaking your Engine ECU. (Up to 25% in Agricultural Applications)

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