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IPF Lighting Range

IPF Lighting

To cater for the differing lighting requirements of 4 Wheel Drivers all over the world, a broad selection of IPF lights is available from ARB.

108 & 808 Series

Compact, powerful and easy to mount, the 108 and 808 series are perfect for recreational vehicles of any nature.

Rectangular: 197mm x 114mm x 80mm deep
Round 159mm diameter x 72mm

700 Super Rally

The 700 Super Rally evolved as a result of ARB working in conjunction with IPF to develop a light specifically for Australian conditions. It features similar strength related attributes to the 800/900 series and exceptional optics derived from competition level driving lights.

Round 200mm diameter x 120mm deep

930 Super Rally

Designed for events such as the World Rally Championships, the stunning performance of the 930 series has made this light an obvious choice for competition use.

Round 220mm diameter x 141mm deep
Supplied Individually

800 & 900 Series

The 800 and 900 series epitomises all the reasons why IPF is the preferred choice of lighting brand for so many 4WD owners. Brilliant optics coupled with superb structural integrity result in an outstanding light, ideally suited to off road conditions.

Available with round or rectangular body
Supplied individually or as a kit

800 & 900XS HID Series

The 800 & 900XS HID series utilises the very latest High Intensity Discharge technology to produce the truest, most natural light possible.

Rectangular 214mm x 147mm x 112mm deep
Round 200mm diameter x 115mm deep

800 & 901 Xtreme Sport Series

Designed for serious 4WDers, these extreme performance lights incorporate water and dust resistant components for maximum life expectancy, no matter what the conditions.

Rectangular 214mm x 147mm x 112mm deep
Round 200mm diameter by 115mm deep

840 Series Fog Lights

Purpose built for foggy conditions or foul weather, these lights should be mounted down low for optimum performance.

168mm x 88mm x 68mm deep

868 & 968 Series

Representing excellent quality and performance at a budget price, these lights feature a hybrid reflector, giving a combined spot and driving beam.

Rectangular 180mm x 100mm x 78mm deep
Round 165mm diameter x 78mm deep

Working & Reversing Lights

Mount these lights on the rear of your vehicle for improved visibility when reversing, or to aid visibility when setting up camp at night. The kit is available with two lights (shown) or one light only.

Featuring a Black steel body with a 55W halogen bulb & Prism cut, hardened glass lens. The Unique 3-position switch allows automatic or manual control.