Diesel Care Australia

Diesel Care Australia Diesel Care Australia is one of Australia's largest diesel injection specialists. They pride themselves on their commitment to excellence in diesel service and their reputation as an industry leader in diesel repair applications in the agricultural, mining, automotive, and transport industries. Diesel Care - one of the nation’s leading diesel injection specialists - see the fuel pump as the heart of the diesel engine and consider themselves “heart surgeons.” Diesel Care products will make sure that your fuel system runs efficiently and reliably with optimum power and the lowest possible emissions. For more information, visit http://www.dieselcare.com.au/

Allen's 4x4 Accessories supply & fit Diesel Care Fuel Filters.

Safeguard your vehicle from expensive fuel system repairs! Choose a Premium Diesel Injection Filtration system as an additional filter to your OEM system.

Why do you need an additional fuel filter?

Current production diesel engines are equipped with high pressure electronically controlled injection systems. More than ever before, fuel quality and cleanliness is critical to the reliability of these highly advanced fuel injection systems. Designed to efficiently remove particle matter and water from fuel, the FUEL MANAGER Filtration System is simply the best protection you can give your modern Diesel Fuel Injection system to avoid severe damage and expensive repairs.