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Beaudesert Exhaust Beaudesert Exhaust is a privately owned Exhaust Manufacturer and Supplier based in Beaudesert in South-East Queensland. The team have extensive experience in exhaust manufacture, and particularly in customised exhaust systems and the art of Mandrel Tube Bending. If you want to improve the overall power and economy of your 4WD or commercial vehicle, you need to consider an exhaust system from Beaudesert Exhaust. For more information, visit:

Allen's 4x4 Accessories prefer to fit Beaudesert Exhaust Systems.

Custom Exhaust Fitting
Custom Exhaust Fitting

Beaudesert Exhaust pride themselves on their ability to provide custom and bolt-on solutions for Performance and 4WD Vehicles using their performance-enhancing Mandrel bending technology. The increased power, performance, and economy you will experience after choosing a Beaudesert Exhaust bolt-on or custom performance exhaust system will astound you.

Allen's 4x4 Accessories are proud to supply and fit Beaudesert Exhaust's superior exhaust systems for our Far North Queensland customers. Our expert team is ready to guide you through every step of the process, and we can install your new high-performance exhaust system at our Atherton premises for you.

As you can see in the photo above, the pipe on the bottom has been significantly crimped by a conventional press, while the Mandrel-bent pipe on the top retains a consistent diameter through each bend.

What is Mandrel Tube Bending?

The key difference between a Mandrel Bending Machine and a conventional bending press, is that the conventional press cannot bend pipe without collapsing or crimping the tube to some extent. While this may be acceptable for regular automotive exhaust systems, any reduction in pipe diameter will create a restriction which, in turn, will reduce power, performance and economy.

To overcome this, Beaudesert Exhaust have invested in CNC Mandrel Bending Machines in order to bend pipe without any crimping. This means that all of Beaudesert Exhaust's Systems provide increased airflow into, and out of, your engine providing for maximum power, performance and economy.

The CNC mandrel bending machines use a pair of half-round steel dies to hydraulically bend the outside of the pipe. The difference is that the mandrel bender inserts an articulated steel "stiffener" (the mandrel) inside the pipe to keep it from collapsing. It's much like a series of three or four metal donuts held together by a ball-and-socket and spring arrangement and is just a hair smaller in diameter than the inner diameter of the pipe.